The Full House Guys Reunited On Jimmy Fallon, And It’ll Hit You Right In Your ’90s

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Full House reunion on Jimmy Fallon 2014

Last night the Full House cast continued their 2014 reunion tour of America on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Of course it was just the guys. Mary Kate and Ashley are off somewhere perfecting their almost-smiles, and Candace Cameron is busy being submissive to her husband. It's a dark time, my '90s friends.

The set-up for the reunion is that Jimmy is sleeping in a creepily accurate replica of Michelle Tanner's bedroom, complete with teddy bear decor and pencil bed. Whoever put this bedroom together should win some kind of award for being the best at causing nostalgia in twenty-something women. Some pink things are switched over to blue, presumably to make it more masculine. But of course Jimmy Fallon is sleeping in a child's bedroom in motorcycle pajamas being comforted by three grown men, so that's kind of like ordering Diet Coke with a greasy burger.

The guys try cheer Jimmy up when he starts to worry about hosting The Tonight Show next month. Bob Saget gets a chance to show off his more innocent, non-donkey-penis-story-telling persona, John Stamos continues to make me suspect he's aging backwards, and Dave Coulier still acts like Uncley Joey… which means I'm still a little uncomfortable with a full-grown comedian friend living in the basement of a house full of little girls. But what do I know? People did things differently in the '90s. It was a simpler time.

Please enjoy the nostalgia attack that will occur when you watch the below video, and then bless Jimmy Fallon for making things like this happen. Thank goodness he's moving an hour earlier so we can see these things live without feeling like a zombie the next morning.

And if you're curious about just how accurate this bedroom looks, refresh your memory with this scene. Like I said, it deserves an award.