There Was A Full House Reunion Last Night And Ashley Olsen Accidentally Came

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Well this is awkward. Last night the Full House cast got together for a little reunion and Ashley Olsen accidentally showed up. How do I know she accidentally came? Well, her smile-grimace in this photo with Lori Loughlin for one. And the fact that she's never showed up for a Full House reunion before. Despite the fact that the gang seems to get together every few years, the Olsen twins are both always MIA. I don't know if they're still trying to get that detective agency off the ground or if they're in jail for selling their brother for only 50 cents or if they're starting to figure out that whoever wrote their screenplays really hated their mom. Like kill-that-bitch off, hated her.

Regardless of the reason, they never show up. I get it. I would avoid those too if my TV Dad chose to spend his elder years telling disgusting stories about donkey erections on the Full House set. And if I felt attracted to my TV uncle — which they surely must because helllooo John Stamos. I don't want to get too graphic here, but a pin a rose on his nose.

Yet for some reason Ashely Olsen did appear last night and she did agree to take a photo with her old Aunt Becky. She looks as shocked by this decision as I feel. “Um sure Mrs. Loughlin I can take a photo? Oh right now? Right here? Just for you right? Maybe for your all your followers? Um, I'm not sure — and you just took it.”

While we're still waiting for confirmation from Gibbler, sources at the scene say that Ashley evaporated right after the photo was taken. The only thing left in her seat was a fine mist and the scent of a girl who once dreamed of becoming president.