Unnecessarily Censored Frozen Adds All The F-Bombs You’ve Always Wished For In Kids’ Movies

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Disney Frozen Anna nervous

We as a society are slightly obsessed with Frozen right now, and it doesn't look like summer weather is going to push that obsession away any time soon. We're even naming our babies after the characters now. But even if you could go your entire life without ever hearing “Let It Go” again, you'll still get a kick out of the movie being unnecessarily censored. Because there's nothing more cathartic during this Frozen overload than watching the Disney characters everyone and their mother is obsessed with drop an F bomb or twenty.

The video was put together by The Jake Vale Show, and it's a sequel to another unnecessary censorship video from earlier this year. Jake Vale has also given other movies the unnecessary censorship treatment, including Finding Nemo. So if you love animated movies but you just wish they were a little edgier, that's the channel for you. And I can assure you that you'll love this latest installment. Strategically placed bleeps are pretty hilarious to begin with, but this video also has a theme. That theme being that Anna really wants to bleep everyone.

Anna wants to bleep Hans, Anna wants to bleep his twelve brothers, Anna wants to bleep Kristoff, Anna wants to bleep her sister. Yes, her sister. Also she may have bleeped a snowman at some point. Yeah, things get pretty wild. And Anna is extremely insistent about wanting to be bleeped. Like, she is desperate for it. And she'll do anything it takes. Needless to say, if you're looking for a Frozen parody that will help you bond with your younger relatives, this isn't the one to choose. Unless you're in the mood to explain why those items Kristoff removes from his bag are all blurry.

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