This Latest Theory Linking Frozen And Titanic Might Be A Bit Of A Stretch

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Frozen Olaf Sven


If there are two things people love these days, it's fan theories and Frozen. Find a way to combine the two and you've hit the jackpot. We've already seen the movie connected to both Tangled and The Little Mermaid, and now there's a new theory suggesting the movie contains an obscure reference to Titanic. And it has nothing to do with icebergs or ships sinking or letting go. It has to do with two character names.

Buzzfeed suggests that Olaf and Sven, the adorable snowman and reindeer sidekicks from the movie, were named to reference two characters in Titanic. If you're a hardcore Titanic fan you probably already know where this is going, but if you're just one of those people who watches it guiltily when it's on TV after checking five times to make sure you're home alone, then you might need further explanation. So here goes.

Remember towards the beginning of the movie (not really that close to the beginning, though, since the movie takes an eternity to get started) when Jack and his friend Fabrizio are playing poker and they end up winning tickets onto the ship right before it leaves? The guys they beat are named Olaf and Sven. So… that's it. That's the reference. I'm not sure if that's supposed to have any kind of significance in terms of story or theme or anything at all, but the connection is there.

While I love discovering obscure coincidences between unrelated bits of pop culture, and the writers certainly could be fans of Titanic who wanted to slip a reference in there, I'm personally not convinced this was planned. The movie needed Scandinavian names for the characters, and Olaf and Sven are pretty good choices for that. If the names had been Olly Olly Oxen Free and Tomato Sandwich, then I'd definitely call it a direct reference. But in this case it might just be a coincidence. I also imagine that if those were the names Titanic would not have won all those Oscars. Still, Disney likes their Easter eggs, so maybe the movie's riddled with them and we just think they were an accident.