Here’s Your Explanation Of The Disney Theory Connecting Frozen And Tangled

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So you know that thing where there are connections between animated movies in the same realm? Like how the Pixar movies supposedly all take place in the same universe, and Andy's mom in the Toy Story series is also Emily, the previous owner of the cowgirl doll Jessie?

Well it seems like Disney might have that too, at least according to this new fan theory that's found a definite connection between the animated films Frozen and Tangledand possibly even all the way back to The Little Mermaid(Oh and by the way, if you're interested in checking out our casting decisions for the upcoming live action version of The Little Mermaid, you can do that here.)

Connection theory of Tangled and Frozen

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Apparently it was already a known thing that there was a nod to Tangled in that scene from Frozen where Anna is running through the crowd of people entering the newly-opened palace. You catch a glimpse of Rapunzel and Flynn from behind — the couple who got married in Tangled, and the new king and queen of Corona. That fact made people aware of a more deliberate connection between the two films.

For example…what if the King and Queen of Arendelle were on their way to Rapunzel and Flynn's wedding three years previously when their ship sank? The timing works out, as there's a line of exposition in Frozen that says it's three years after the tragedy. Which is interesting, because Tangled came out three years before Frozen, in November 2010. It would also explain why the two of them felt obligated to come to Elsa's coronation.

Norway, Denmark, and Germany map

And from there, if you look at the geography of it all, according to a fan, the Kingdom of Corona is in Germany and the Kingdom of Arrendelle is in Norway, so there could easily have been a shipwreck in between. And if that's intentional, there's another area right in between those two countries that deserves some attention — Denmark, which is where the story of The Little Mermaid originated. Copenhagen, specifically. So if you're feeling especially into the conspiracy theories today…what if the wreck that Ariel swims around in is the remnants of the ship from Arendelle, which sank on its way south from Norway to Germany??

Mind. Blown.