Here Are All The Songs From Frozen In One Place, Including 6 Tracks That Got Cut

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Frozen The Cold Never Bothered Me(via)

Our national obsession with Frozen has started to go so far that I think we will all just have “Let It Go” permanently stuck in our heads for the rest of our lives. Deal with it. But seriously, this movie is a pop culture phenomenon. It stayed at or near the number one spot at the box office for multiple weeks, it's been re-released as a sing-along, and there's a Broadway musical in the works.

For a lot of the country, the film's themes — namely being cold — have really spoken to us during the harsh winter. While you're staying in to avoid the cold, there are few things as lovely as listening to the movie's catchy songs. To make that easier for you, we've got them all right here in one place, including six bonus songs that didn't end up in the movie but are on the deluxe version of the soundtrack.

1. “Frozen Heart”

This was such a spectacular way to start the movie. I settled down into my chair and was like, “Let's do this!”

2. “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?”

I'm not gonna lie, I shed a tear or two during this scene in the theater. It was only the second song of the movie but I already felt so sad for Elsa and Anna.

3. “For The First Time In Forever”

If you weren't aware of Kristen Bell's lovely singing voice before this, you're definitely convinced now.

4. “Love Is An Open Door”

Before the big revelation about Hans, this song is super duper cute. Anna's still an idiot for getting engaged, though. Stop being an idiot, Anna.

5. “Let It Go”

The song that launched a thousand parodies, remixes and covers. The original still reigns supreme. All hail Queen Elsa Idina Menzel.

6. “Reindeers Are Better Than People”

If you didn't fall in love with Kristoff the moment you heard him sing this to Sven, who even are you?

7. “In Summer”

Aww, poor naive little Olaf. I want to give him a million warm hugs… but that's probably not a good idea.

8. “Fixer Upper”

I'll never be able to look at rocks the same way without thinking they're about to turn into trolls, but this was a pretty adorable track.

9. “We Know Better”

And here's the first of the deleted songs, as performed by songwriters Bobby and Kristen Anderson-Lopez and their daughters, who have lovely voices. This one starts when Anna is a baby and Elsa is four and already so wise.

10. “Spring Pageant”

This song introduces the idea of a “prophecy” in the form of a children's pageant.

11. “More Than Just The Spare”

This is all about Anna being the underappreciated sibling. It sounds like it could have been Anna's “Let It Go,” but unfortunately Elsa ended up upstaging her. Sorry, Anna. You're great too.

12. “You're You”

This song was originally going to go where “Love is an Open Door” ended up. I'm personally not that into this one. I like the route they took in the movie.

13. “Life's Too Short”

This would have been put before Elsa freezes Anna's heart. It's a fine song, but I like that there wasn't a song there, because “Let It Go” was so strong for Elsa's character on its own.

14. “Reindeers Remix”

This would have been sung by Jonathan Groff during the end credits. The songwriters admit they hadn't written a lot for him to sing — one of my few complaints about the film. This is pretty darn cute.