This New Frozen Medley Will Melt Your Heart Into A Puddle Of Awwwww

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Frozen snowman after melting

Looking for an afternoon treat that will make you feel like you just swallowed a ray of sunshine? Well stop looking right now, because this new Frozen medley from Pentatonix should do the trick. Not only does it include “Let It Go,” but also three others that are almost as amazing. And I only say almost because “Let It Go” could be the best song to ever be sung. By a human or an animated lady. We all agree on that, right? “Let It Go” is a game changer when it comes to music. Also when it comes to me getting dressed in the morning. I can't remember the last time I started my day without this song blasting. But enough about you thinking about me getting dressed and more about this medley.

In addition to “Let It Go,” the song also includes, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?,” “For the First Time in Forever” and “Love Is An Open Door.” Also, as I mentioned before, it's sung by Pentatonix. As we know from their Evolution of Beyonce medley, everything that comes out of their mouth is gold. Literally. They spin gold with their mouths. So they're like the miller's daughter in Rumpelstiltskin, but not indebted to a disagreeable man with a height complex.

After listening to this medley on repeat six times I think I've learned that I'm not only re-falling in love with Disney songs, but also that I prefer medleys to songs. You can just cram so much goodness into a few minutes that it seems silly to limit ourselves to just singing one song at a time. In fact, I'll take it a step further and say that I wished all albums could be released medley style. But that's just my post-surprise-Beyonce-album-release-stress syndrome speaking.

(GIF: Tumblr)