Watching Grown Twin Brothers Sing Frozen’s ‘Love Is An Open Door’ Is The Best Way To Start The Day

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twin brothers sing love is an open door in car

Just when you think that you're about to fatally overdose on Frozen videos, a fresh take on the movie gets uploaded to Youtube and you're obsessed all over again. This happened to me last week when two parents shared a video of themselves lip syncing to “Love is an Open Door” while their toddler yawned in the background. Crazily enough, it's happening to me all over again this week now that twin brothers have shared their “Parents singing Frozen in a car” parody — complete with a bored mom sitting in the backseat!

And yes, we've gotten to a point in pop culture where we're parodying Frozen viral videos. So good luck to us as a society and more importantly, good luck to everyone who refused to see the movie because they were too good for a “movie for kids.” Bet you're regretting riding around on that high horse all winter now, aren't you? Suddenly seeing Nebraska alone while all your friends went to see Frozen (for the 6th time) isn't looking like the mature decision after all. Suckerz!

While we don't know much about these magically gifted lip syncing twins, we can go ahead and just call them He-Anna and He-Elsa. Because, duh. Not since I met She-Anna and She-Elsa have I felt more inspired by two siblings. So sit back, relax and prepare to fall in love with this move for the hundred billionith time.

P.S – Isn't it nice to have song other than “Let it Go” stuck in your head?