Celebrate Frozen’s Win At The Box Office By Watching The Movie’s Best Musical Number

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Frozen Elsa Let it Go snowflakes

Disney's new animated movie Frozen has grown on me with each day that passes since I saw it last weekend. It takes a really innovative approach to storytelling and sends a positive message to the young girls who are flocking to see it. And boy are people flocking. The film made it to number one at the box office this weekend, making more than $31 million and bringing the total to $134 million.

But that's not the only awesome news for Frozen fans to enjoy. Disney has also released a full scene from the movie featuring Idina Menzel singing “Let it Go” as Elsa. It's one of the best scenes in the movie, and it's definitely the best musical number. It was also covered by Demi Lovato for the movie's soundtrack. It's already a great contender for a Best Song nomination at the Oscars, and it's one of the best and most memorable Disney songs released in years. I've been singing it nonstop since I saw the film, so I'm thrilled to be able to relive the actual scene. Idina Menzel has an incredible voice, and the song sends an inspiring message about embracing what makes you different and not letting what other people think stop you from being who you are. You know, Disney stuff.

The scene itself might be considered spoilery, but it occurs pretty early in the film so it doesn't give away too much. If you're interested to watch without having seen the film, I'll give you a little background. The snow queen Elsa, sister of Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell), has the power to turn things to ice. She has been struggling to control her magic and keep it a secret for years, but on the night of her coronation she loses control and runs off, unaware that she has cursed her kingdom to endless winter. She finally “lets it go” and embraces her powers.

I've already written about how Anna's journey sends an empowering message to young women, but I haven't talked much about Elsa, who's one of the most complex Disney princesses we've ever had. This song shows that off really well, and I'll be thrilled if it ends up taking home gold at the Oscars.

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