Yes, You Need To Watch This ‘Let It Go’ Cover Sung By 21 Disney Characters

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Frozen Elsa cloak

Hold your groans and eye rolls, please.  Maybe you're on Frozen overload, especially following Adele Dazeem‘s less than perfect performance during Oscar night (hey, if John Travolta mixed my name up with some Scientology lingo, I'd probably rush the tempo just to get out of there too).  However, the fact remains that it's still an amazing song that reminds us all that you're never too old to enjoy a Disney soundtrack.

Impressionist Brian Hull recognizes that there are a lot of amazing covers of “Let It Go” out there right now, but that “people may forget the original Disney magic that this song has.”  Don't get me wrong, I could watch Christina Bianco as Barbra Streisand singing Disney songs all the live long day, but watching this guy nail 21 Disney and Pixar characters singing the song brought back a little of that good ol' childhood magic indeed.

I found that it helps to close your eyes while watching, because magic is best preserved by pretending it's not a grown man with a beard singing in the voices of your favorite childhood characters.  It's also kind of fun to see if you can figure out which character he's portraying without looking at the list – I never knew how much I'd love Winnie the Pooh singing the “frozen fractals” part of the song.  Enjoy!

(GIF: Tumblr)