Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ Sung In 25 Languages Will Make You Feel Like A Smarty-Pants

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Frozen Elsa cloak

At this point we've all had “Let it Go” from Frozen stuck in our heads for at least a month straight, correct? In the collective human unconscious, Idina Menzel is just belting it out on a loop 24/7. And I'm not complaining about it. It's an amazing song, and I'll be cheering it on in the Best Original Song category on Oscar night. Don't you take this dream away from me like you did at the Golden Globes, Bono!

Once the world gets a song stuck in its universal head, lots of parodies and covers and medleys and experiments are bound to occur online. That's definitely happened to “Let it Go,” and then some. The latest take on the song, released by Disney Studios itself, features it being sung in 25 different languages, from English to Korean to Flemish. It's really stunning to listen to, because it seems to be sung by the same woman so each line blends beautifully into the next. How appropriate that the song that's united practically the entire universe (believe me, aliens are rocking out to it too) can now be heard in so many different languages.

In addition to entertaining you and giving you one more reason to listen to this song, this video will also make you feel like a total smarty-pants. You can tell all your friends, “Oh I only listen to the version in 25 languages. The original is like so three days ago.” What's that sound? Just Linguistics teachers the world over queuing this up for their students to enjoy. It's only a matter of time before a class does a cover. I see you, Internet, and I know what you're up to.

Watch the video right here and then let me know what your favorite language was to hear. I was very fond of the Japanese and Serbian lines.

(GIF: Tumblr)