The Frozen Honest Trailer Is So Hilarious Even Adele Dazeem Would Love It

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Frozen honest trailer 2014

If I could figure out a way to be in a polygamous marriage with both Honest Trailers and Bad Lip Reading videos, I'd be a very happy girl. They make me laugh myself silly, and then laugh some more at how silly I am from laughing. Case in point: the new Honest Trailer for Frozen. Screen Junkies simply cannot stop reaching into our collective unconscious and repeating the same thoughts we've all had about popular movies, then adding on more thoughts we can't believe we didn't think already, but are totally thinking now. Seriously, after you watch this video, your neck will hurt from all the nodding along.

I know this pun has been made at least one million and five times since the movie came out, but I'm going to use it again. We can't let Frozen go. Let's just go ahead and admit that we all spend approximately 75% of our time thinking about it. That might actually be a conservative estimate. It's brought us together as a human race, whether we're singing “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” at the sight of one inch of snow or making jokes about John Travolta's Adele Dazeem slip days and days after the fact. We're obsessed, and there's no shame because we're all afflicted by it. But once we've obsessed over something enough, it's time to start really looking at our choices. There's some weird, nonsensical stuff in that movie, right?

So when this honest trailer declares that Frozen is “the feature length music video for ‘Let It Go',” I'm just like, “Yeah, pretty much.” And when the narrator wonders about exactly where Arendelle is (Scandinavian-ish?), you'll wonder right along with him. Don't even get me started on how accurate the song descriptions are. Will anyone ever really know any of the lyrics to “Fixer Upper” besides “fixer upper”? I doubt it.