9 Signs You’re On Total Frozen Overload

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Yesterday, when I decided to make my ringtone “Do You Want To Build A Snowman.” I realized I'm on Frozen overload. I think we all are. Who even sets their ringtone anymore?! I can't help it, the songs are so damn catchy. Not to mention, Disney keeps pulling me in with extra songs, the internet keeps pulling me in with kittens and just a few weeks ago we were all daydreaming about how to get more Frozen in our lives.

Here are some ways to know if you are on Frozen overload too.

1. You keep catching yourself ending a phone call with Anna's, “Okay, bye.”



Sure, all of your friends have asked you to stop and you would if you could, but you don't even realize you are doing it anymore.

2. You are sure that if you see one more Facebook status jokingly blaming Elsa for the polar vortex, you'll lose your mind (but you secretly blame her too).



I mean what else would explain these temperatures… besides science.

3. You braided your hair and, for a moment, wished it was as thick as Elsa's.



So what if it is animation? It's stunning and I want it.

4. You hate that after all this talk, you actually do want to build a snowman.



Well, you've worn me down and yes, fine, I will build a snowman with you.

5. You don't know what's gotten into you but you've gained a general craving for adventure.



With all this “let it go” talk, you now see a staircase and want to hold both railings and run.

6. You actually have decided to let things go. Now if we could just stop singing it…



Enough with the covers and acoustic versions and live TV specials, let's just let it go. Please.

7. You've become pretty tired of the music but still can't stop singing it.tumblr_n1ktgu9zib1rfaqfjo1_500


One can only take so much of a soundtrack.

8. You've started casually referring to yourself as a “fixer upper.”


Calling yourself a fixer-upper is way less self-deprecating than saying you are a lazy slob. Right?

9. You recognize you are overloaded but you kind of love it.



Some movies are worth obsessing for.