Frozen Is Going To Broadway, So Let’s Start The Petition To Get Idina Menzel To Star

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Frozen Elsa stairs

Frozen has been out in theaters since Thanksgiving, yet it hasn't lost any steam at the box office. People are still going to see it in droves, which makes sense since it's a really good movie that everyone yelling at their friends and family to experience. The film also took home to Golden Globe for Best Animated Film last night. When something proves to be that good at making money, it's only natural that it'll get wrapped up in a cocoon and emerge as a breed of Hollywood butterfly called the “franchise.” That franchise now includes a Broadway musical.

Disney CEO and Chairman Bob Iger spoke to Fortune about how Frozen has rejuvenated the company, and he mentioned that Disney is in discussions to develop a Broadway show. There are no dates yet, because as Iger says, they're “demanding excellence” rather than “demanding speed.” I guess that's a good sign.

The cynical side of me is tempted to make a joke about how Disney couldn't take the advice of their own song and “let it go.” The franchise frenzy that's taken over Hollywood, where every book becomes a movie which becomes a TV show which becomes an interpretive dance performance which becomes a sequel to the interpretive dance performance, can be pretty exhausting. But I have to admit the idea of hearing “Let it Go” being belted out in a theater with cool set pieces is kind of exciting. I saw The Lion King on Broadway when I was a kid, and I was in awe. Frozen definitely has the style — and certainly the music — to pull off something really interesting on stage. So much fake snow and sparkly things!

But there's just one teeny tiny request I have. Can Idina Menzel please play Elsa? I just don't want to hear any version of “Let it Go” that doesn't have her singing it. Demi Lovato's is great and all, but let's be real. Nobody compares to Idina. And while we're at it, let's just have the whole rest of the cast on Broadway too. Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff are also familiar with The Great White Way. Make it happen, Disney.

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