Frozen Acted Out By Kittens Is As Adorable As You Think, Except Times A Thousand

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Kittens acting out Disney's FrozenIt's a Friday and the sun is out where I am, so there's already a whole lot of pure joy in the air, which is great. But it's about to get even thicker because OH MY GOD KITTENS.

There's probably nothing cuter than kittens, but if you were to break into the vault in Fort Knox where they keep the list of Top 5 Most Adorable Things Ever (for safe-keeping, can you imagine the chaos if that information got out???) you'd probably find the movie Frozen pretty high up there as well. I don't want to say it's number one because that's kittens, and number two is probably babies falling alseep on you, but I wanna say that Frozen probably comes in at number three, followed closely by animals wearing people clothes and … to round out the list.

BUT ANYWAY. You don't have to understand the science of cuteness to grasp that kittens acting out Frozen is probably the most adorable thing ever. That's just common sense. I will warn you that this video contains the implication that kittens can cry, which is probably the most devastating thing I've ever heard of, so be advised. Also Kitten Elsa still hasn't quite wrapped her head around her own powers, so she's frequently stunned by the silly string magic snow magic that comes spinning out of her paws.

And I would never say this to the poor dears' faces, because unlike Anna, my heart isn't made of snow, but kittens are pretty embarrassingly bad at wearing clothes. Like they really can't manage it at all. You're lucky you're adorable, kittens.