From the Red Carpet: ‘Us’ Magazine Style Party with Vampire Weekend, Wendy Williams, and Bethenny Frankel

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Us magazine has named the 25 Most Stylish New Yorkers and held a party in their honor at a new restaurant/nightclub combo, Lavo. As much as I would like to pretend that I was included in the event, I was just outside desperately trying to get a word in with the A-list and waiting for Will Arnett to show up (I didn`t see him, and it broke my heart). The actual attendees included Alexis Bledel, Bethenny Frankel, Kristin Chenoweth, Mary J. Blige, Omarion, Swizz Beatz, Adrian Grenier, Tyson Beckford, Wendy Williams, and the members of Vampire Weekend. Despite publicists quickly ushering them into the theater, I managed to squeeze out a couple of good words from a few of the stars.

When asked if they had to invite a girl to sing with them who would they pick, lead singer Ezra Koenig responded, “Katie Bush“. I didn't know who he was talking about then and – after several Google power searches – I still can't figure it out. (Editor's note: Kate Bush, maybe?)

We got a quick word in with Bethenny Frankel, who showed no trace of baby weight. When asked about the baby, Bethenny said “she's amazing!” She then showed off her newly acquired maternal skills by signing interviews and taking pictures with a couple of pre-teen girls.

Meanwhile Wendy Williams was so amazing: She made time to talk to everyone even though she said her 5-inch red stilletos were killing her. When I asked her if she'd like to share something she has learned, she said, “Don't worry, girls, it's gonna be OK. You are gonna be the woman you dream to be!” Words of wisdom.
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