‘Fringe’ Producers Tease Details of the Season 3 Finale: Third Universes, Character Death, and Whether There’s An End in Sight

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Fringe has spent its third season with one foot in the prime universe and one foot in the parallel universe, with the Fringe Division dealing not only with unexplained mysteries in their own world, but with Fauxlivia impersonating Olivia (Anna Torv) to get close to Peter (Joshua Jackson), all part of a plan masterminded by Walternate. In a conference call last week, Fringe showrunners J.H. Wyman and Jeff Pinkner discussed how excited they are to get picked up for a fourth season, and what mysteries will be solved in the May 6 season finale.

With all of this season's focus on multiple worlds, the question had to be asked: Is there a third universe to be explored? “We’re not introducing a third world,” Pinkner said. “There’s our world, and then there’s the world that Peter was taken from as a baby.  We still have plenty of story… to tell just in those two worlds. Maybe at some point in the future there will be a third world, but not yet.”

And you know why we need to keep our focus on here and Over There? Because “someone who we love deeply will die.” While they couldn't come out and tell us who was going to the bite the bullet, Wyman did say that “it’s going to be effective, and I think it will be self-explanatory.” We're taking that to mean that the death will be a meaningful one, fitting to that character.

As for the general mood of the season, the producers wanted it to reflect the show's theme of perception, of things being different than they seem. At the same time, they were planning it out without the guarantee of season 4, so there was a lot of emotion going into the storytelling.

“We wanted the season finale to exceed the season, and  not just pay it off,” Pinkner said, “…and make you view the entire season from a different context.  Like really emotionally and sort of intellectually make you reconsider everything you had seen before.  It’s one of the themes that we constantly go back to is perception, and the different natures of reality and choices and how those different choices branch off down different paths.”

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