The Women Of Friends Had A Reunion, But Jimmy Kimmel Made It All About Him

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Friends reunion Jennifer Aniston Jimmy Kimmel August 2014

Since an official Friends reunion with the whole cast is apparently not going to happen, we have to take what we can get, which means corralling sections of the cast into the same space for at least five minutes so they can half-ass some old lines and we can take a mental picture and stroke our nostalgia. But the more it happens, the less exciting it is. Like last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He had Jennifer Aniston as a guest, so obviously he also invited Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow to help them act out a scene from his Friends fan fiction.

I will admit that when Jen and Jimmy walked onto the show's recreation of the show's kitchen, I did approximately fifteen double takes. It looks exactly like it. Exactly like it. Did they use the actual set? Because if not, I'm a little bit frightened. But I quickly got over my amazement when the sketch actually started and was awkward as hell. That's partly because the entire premise of the thing is that Jimmy is playing Ross, and of course he's written into the script that all the women want to have sex with him… I mean, what did you expect when all the women of Friends reunited on a talk show? Something actually funny that wasn't all about the host wanting to sleep with them? Haha, you're silly.

As a result, the ladies have to act either annoyed or uncomfortable (and I'm guessing they didn't really have to pretend too hard), which kind of wastes the awesomeness of the set recreation and the hypothetical awesomeness of their reunion. I think maybe it's time to stop forcing these nostalgic reunions onto actors. They're never the hilarious, exciting things we expect them to be. Sometimes just watching reruns of the show in question and remembering a time when Courteney Cox could move her face should be enough.