This Video Proves Friends Is Still Funny Even With The Jokes Removed

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Friends black and white


There comes a point where you've seen every episode of Friends so many times that you just have to start deconstructing it and watching it some other way. Like maybe you start with the very last episode and marathon the series backwards, or maybe you mute the TV whenever Monica talks. (Actually, I sometimes do that anyway. Sorry, Mon.) Or you can just take all the jokes out and leave only the lines that tell you the plot. That's what YouTube user Tunglebrek did.

You might be thinking, “Ugh, an entire episode? I don't have time to watch all that!” But it turns out that removing all the jokes from Friends episode “The One With the Apothecary Table” actually leaves you with less than three minutes of runtime. In the words of Monica, I KNOW!

Watching this video is a weird experience, I won't lie. That's partly because, if you've seen the episode a dozen times like I have, your brain keeps inserting all the jokes you know are there but won't show themselves. And sometimes sort-of jokes sneak in anyway. Just because it's not a “badum-bum” joke doesn't mean it's not funny. If you cut out everything funny, the video would probably just be the credits and nothing else.

The other reason this video still ends up being giggle-worthy is that even when something isn't written as a joke, aka if you read it on paper you wouldn't think it was funny, the delivery makes it funny. So when Ross shouts “MY APOTHECARY TABLE!” of course I'm going to laugh. It's Ross screaming something. I always laugh at that. It's my Achilles heel. Anyway, long story short, Friends without the jokes is weird, but it's still funny. Because Friends is just the best. Don't even try to argue.

(via Buzzfeed)