Here’s That Hidden Joke From Friends You Missed The First Ten Times Around

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You know what the best thing about Friends is? Other than everything? That even ten years after the final episode airs, we can still find inside jokes that were hidden in the show like little nuggets of hilarity.

And bear in mind that when I say ‘we' can find them, I don't mean me. I mean what I always mean when I say ‘we found it' — someone on Reddit found it. In this case, a user by the name of WingsOfDiscord, who pointed out that in an episode from the show's sixth season, which aired in 2000, a very young-looking Matt LeBlanc had a very funny exchange with the owner of a dry cleaner who wouldn't put Joey's headshot up on the wall because he was offended by the show he was on.

Have a looksie.

Inside joke in Friends episode from 2000

Oh yes oh yes oh yes you HAVE seen it! And you've even been in it, you wily guest star! What I love about this is that the writers probably figured that the joke would get discovered right away, considering the episode aired only three years after Air Force One was released. But instead, it slumbered peacefully on, undiscovered for almost a decade and a half.

I know not everyone's into Friends because it's like, not high brow enough for some people (not me!) but I feel like this is proof that the writers are better than the show's critics give them credit for. Guys he was in the movie that he said he never saw. ISN'T THAT HILARIOUS? I love it.