Here’s a Cute Photo of the Friends Cast Reunited, Minus a Chandler and Plus a Cuoco

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Friends cast Big Bang Theory cast January 2016

Welp, it almost happened. The entire Friends cast almost reunited in the same room, at the same table, without anybody having to be kidnapped or tricked into showing up with the promise of free ice cream sandwiches (that we know of).

As previously announced, the cast was together for the taping of NBC's upcoming James Burrows tribute. But as we learned shortly after that announcement was made, Matthew Perry couldn't be there due to a scheduling conflict (how Zac Efron of him), so we'll have to settle on five out of six.

Kaley Cuoco shared the above photo of the (almost) reunited cast on her Instagram page. As you can see, she and her Big Bang Theory cast mates are also in the photo, because no matter how hard you try, you can't escape that show. (Seriously, can I live?!)

I would have of course preferred a photo of just the Friends cast, but I suppose we'll just have to wait until the special airs next month to see that. And yeah, it would have been nice if they'd gotten Matthew on Skype or something and help the screen up so it looked like he was there, but that can easily be fixed with a little photo manipulation.

Friends cast with Matthew Perry

There, I fixed it. Convincing, no? It's like he was really there.

Just be responsible and don't go passing that around as if it's the real thing. It could really fool someone, and when they watch the special and realize he wasn't really there, they could be traumatized. Believing in a total Friends reunion that didn't actually happen isn't something you just bounce back from. Days of work could be missed, sleep could be lost, personal hygiene could be sacrificed. Don't do that to someone just because my photo-editing skills are so impressive that you can't help but show them off. Have some compassion.

(Photos: Instagram, Ivan Nikolov / WENN.com)