Open Thread: What Is Your Favorite Quote From Friends?

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Ross Friends mississippilessly

Today is the tenth anniversary of the series finale of Friends. That means the show premiered almost twenty years ago. Even if you were a wee child or (gulp) not even born yet when the show premiered, and even if you didn't watch the finale when it aired, there's a good chance you've still managed to become obsessed with this show. I know I have. In fact, if there's a Friends rerun on television, I'm probably watching it. I have a sixth sense for it.

In honor of this anniversary, let's reminisce about how funny this show was, shall we? Unless you don't think it was funny, in which case it's kind of awkward that you clicked on a post about it. Anyway, I'll start by sharing mine. It's just one word, and it's actually not even a real word: “Mississippilessly?!” Ross says it in the episode “The One With Ross's Tan” in (appropriately) the tenth and final season. Turns out counting with “Mississippi” in between the numbers leads to disastrous spray tan consequences. I love that line so much I even made a reference to it in my Twitter bio. I cannot hear it without laughing, and whenever I count anything for any reason, it comes to mind. But believe me, I have many, many more favorites that would take forever to list.

So now I'll ask you to comment with your favorite quote from the show. It can either be the one you find yourself using the most, or the one you think is the funniest or the most clever, or the one you relate to most, or just the first one that pops into your mind that you feel like sharing. We've had our hopes of a reunion or comeback squashed so many times at this point, quoting the show is the only way to comfort ourselves. Well, that and watching the episodes over and over. Speaking of, my rerun sense is tingling. Gotta go.

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