Friday On Dr. Phil

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Friday on Dr  Phil alloy default image jpgYuck, yuck, yuck! This episode made me feel kinda grossed out actually. It originally aired on February 20, 2007. Did you see it?

Love or Money
You’ve heard the old adage: “Money can’t buy love,” but Dr. Phil’s guests say they’re in cash-only relationships. Hope is a self-professed “sugar babe” who says she is wined and dined by her sugar daddy, Davis, a wealthy businessman. But there’s just one small catch … Hope is married! Her husband, Al, knows all about her financial arrangement, but still wants to stay in the relationship. How much longer can Hope balance both a spouse and a sponsor? Then, 34-year-old Keli denies being a sugar mama, even though she pays for her 20-year-old boyfriend, Zach’s, personal needs including food, clothes and video games. She even moved him into her house! Keli’s friend, Megan, says it’s high time Zach gets kicked to the curb! Does this May/December romance stand a chance, or are Zach and Keli wasting their time?


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