Friday Concert A Preteen Frenzy

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It was a weekend of wild concerts, kicking off on Friday at the Kentucky State Fair.

The countdown to Hilary was genius. After the second of two opening acts, a robotic voice boomed from what might have been the heavens (or a Radio Disney control room), “Twenty-five minutes until the show begins.”

There’s something thrilling, and scary, about the sound of 10,000 preteens chanting “Hil-a-ry! Hil-a-ry! Hil-a-ry!” Sweetly at first, and then kind of demanding, building to an edge that made hiding in a men’s room stall seem imminent…

By the time it hit three minutes, with a running countdown on the big screens, it didn’t seem possible that Duff could live up to expectations. But she came out strong with “Wake Up,” her best song, and glo-stick nation couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Duff had fun, and it showed. Marketing aside, she’s a great singer and performer. You won’t find any bashing, sex-crazy songs in her repertoire.