Please Allow Jimmy Fallon And ‘Freestyling With My Mom’ To Give You A Morning Chuckle

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Jimmy Fallon Freestyling With My Mom 10-11-13

You know, I woke up this morning and said to myself, “Self, you shouldn't have gotten so drunksies at the Pearl Jam concert last night because you have to search the deep depths of the internet tomorrow and write about them.”  To which my self replied, “But it's the opening night of the tour and besides, I have a feeling Jimmy Fallon will have a funny video of some sort tomorrow morning.”  And that he did.  So I'm not entirely regretting that $12.50, 24 oz last minute Labatt Blue.

I feel like Jimmy has magical powers sometimes, guys.  Hear me out: how else could he get Miley Cyrus to be the least annoying she's been in months, if not years, if he didn't have some sort of magical effect on people? Huh?  Riddle me that!  And last night proved there's not a better combination of hilarity than moms + freestyle rapping that I'm aware of.  There are so, so, SO many good flows here.  I'd love to see any one of these ladies on the show to do an 8 Mile-type rap battle: “My flows are better, look at me in my navy blue sweater.”  I mean, COME ON. Needless to say, I had a much needed chuckle over my much needed coffee this morning, and I know you will too.  Enjoy.

Did you totally giggle out loud?  Good.  I don't know about you, but this makes me incredibly eager for the new Tonight Show.  Jimmy Fallon has already kind of revolutionized late-night television, you know?  I love me some Dave Letterman, and it'll be interesting to see how the ratings compare, but I really think Jimmy is the voice of our generation.  (Sorry not sorry, Lena Dunham.)