8 Hilarious Fred Armisen Characters He Should Reprise As Seth Meyers’ Band Leader

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Fred Armisen November 2012

(Photo: Alberto Reyes/WENN.com)

There are a lot of changes happening on NBC's late night shows these days. Jay Leno left The Tonight Show to be replaced by Jimmy Fallon, who just said goodbye to Late Night, which will be hosted by Seth Meyers starting on February 24. We already knew that Jimmy would be taking the Roots with him to his earlier time slot, but we didn't know who would be leading Seth's band. Now we know that it will be his former SNL co-star Fred Armisen. In addition to being funny, Fred's also a musician, and he'll front the 8G Band. He'll even continue to run the band while he's off filming Portlandia.

Considering Fred's a comedian himself and he and Seth had such a great rapport when he showed up on Weekend Update, one would assume he'll also take on a sort of sidekick role. And he should also dress up and do characters, because it would make us all very happy. Here are just eight of his classic SNL (and Portlandia) characters he's pretty much obligated to reprise on Late Night.

1. Garth and Kat

Garth and Kat Seth Weekend Update


I'm sure Seth will have Kristen Wiig on the show a few times, and whenever that happens I'm expecting Fred to join her in a matching holiday vest to improvise a few songs while Seth looks on like, “Ugh, these two again.”

2. Prince

Fred Armisen Prince


I can't get enough of Fred's mysterious, creepy Prince impression. He should just dress up in that costume and that tiny mustache and peer around corners on the Late Night set at least once a week.

3. David Paterson

Fred Armisen David Paterson Weekend Update


If Fred could videobomb as many of Seth's celebrity interviews as possible with that flesh-colored beard on, that would be just swell.

4. Lawrence Welk

Fred Armisen Lawrence Welk SNL Kristen Wiig


Another idea for when Krisen Wiig is in town. Come to think of it, Lawrence Welk was a band leader himself, so it would probably make sense for Fred to just act like that every show, bubbles included.

5. Candace at Women and Women First

Fred Armisen Women and Women First Portlandia


The feminist bookstore sketches are some of my favorites from Portlandia, and there's nothing like watching Fred Armisen in drag. Carrie Brownstein should obviously guest star from time to time.

6. Nicholas Fehn

Weekend Update – Nicholas Fehn from elliot beavis on Vimeo.

Don't ask me why I loved this Weekend Update character so much, but I just did. He'd come on the show talk about current events, but he could never quite finish a sentence. Maybe I love it because I talk like that myself sometimes…

7. Fericito

Fericito Fred Armisen


He'll already have the drum set right there. Just have him bang on them every once in a while and yell “Ay dios mio!” or “I'm just keeding!” and I'll be happy.

8. Ian Rubbish

Ian Rubbish SNL


This is the most natural fit. It'll be nice to add a punk edge to the band's performances, and everything's better with a British accent. That's just a scientific fact.