16 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets You Didn’t Know About Frasier

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Frasier was one of the most popular sitcoms of the '90s and early 2000s. The bizarre antics of Seattle's top (and only) radio psychiatrist, Dr. Frasier Crane, gave us eleven seasons of utter hilarity. The show took us through doomed dates, divorces, and disastrous dinner parties, and created one of the most enduring ships in TV history: Niles and Daphne. Do I have the complete DVD box set? Of course. Do I watch it a bit too often? Quite possibly.

While most people are probably somewhat aware of this classic sitcom, only true Frasier fans know about all of the series' behind-the-scenes secrets. From little-known tragedies to surprising original cast members, there's a lot of juicy backstage knowledge to learn about probably the most successful TV spin-off ever. Luckily, you've got me here to share my (slightly excessive) knowledge!