Hold Your Outrage For One Sec Because Target Might Not Hate Frank Ocean As Much As You Think

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So I woke up this morning to this horrible story about Target refusing to sell Frank Ocean's new album Channel OrangeTheir official reasoning? They're upset that Frank Ocean released it a week early on iTunes. Which I suppose makes sense.

But Christian Clancy, who represents Frank Ocean, claims it's for a different reason. A more sinister reason having to do with the fact that Frank Ocean came out last week. He tweeted the following  yesterday– and then apparently deleted it, because it's no longer on his timeline.

While Target's been known to support conservative groups in the past, they recently made headlines for proudly selling pride shirts to support a pro-gay marriage group. So it's seems unlikely that they would do that and then drum up negative publicity by rejecting a gay musician. Especially since they already carry other openly gay artists like Adam Lambert.

So before you start burning all your Target merchandise and signing petitions and writing horrible hate messages on their Facebook wall, take a deep breath because I think this might be a whole lotta fake outrage.

Let's save it for something that matters. Like Miley Cyrus and her new tattoo. What?! Yeah, I said it. She got a new one and it's like, so deeeep.

(Photo: Hello Giggles)