You Know Frank Ocean’s Ego Is Getting Big When He Starts A Feud With Chipotle

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Frank Ocean Bravalla Festival Sweden June 2013

I'm going to tell you something, and I promise that it was not created using mad libs: Frank Ocean and Chipotle are feuding. No, Chipotle isn't an up-and-coming rapper or a burrito-themed rock band or anything other than that delicious Mexican restaurant chain you visit for lunch one or two or seven times a week. And even though it's a very amusing concept, once you see the details you might come down with a serious case of Frank-Ocean-is-a-jerk-itis. Because I'm on Chipotle's side here, and not just because I have a weakness for melted cheese.

The whole thing started when Chipotle filed a lawsuit against Frank last Friday. They claimed that he had agreed to record a cover of “Pure Imagination” for their recent ad campaign about responsible farming. They apparently paid him half the fee — $212,500 — in advance, but he backed out. Frank's legal team claims he wasn't aware the video was associated with Chipotle and was promised final approval.

How did Frank Ocean respond to Chipotle's suit? He wrote them a check for the amount they advanced him with “FUCK OFF” written in the memo line. That's arrogant and immature enough. But then he posted a photo of the check on his Tumblr page.

Frank Ocean Chipotle check

I don't know about you, but I'm a little tired of celebrities bragging about what they think is amusing or praise-worthy behavior to the public in a desperate bid for attention. The worst part is that they get that attention from fans who will love them no matter what. It screams “Look how awesome I am! Give me validation please!” I'm reminded of Macklemore posting his texts to Kendrick Lamar for the world to see and Justin Bieber sharing a photo of himself giving money to a homeless person. It's a surefire sign that a celebrity's head is getting too big.

I don't know the details of this conflict, but I would think there are better ways for Frank to deal with this than by acting immature and then bragging about that immaturity on the Internet in a ploy for applause. It seems like every other day we witness another generally well-respected celebrity's ego get out of control. There's no hope.

(Photo: Mats Andersson/WENN.com)