The Danny For Fox’s Grease Live Has Been Cast, And It’ll Actually Make You Want To Watch

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The Danny For Fox s Grease Live Has Been Cast  And It ll Actually Make You Want To Watch Grease Danny Zuko dance gif


In case you hadn’t heard, Fox recently decided to copy NBC and broadcast a live TV production of Grease. I was less than thrilled to hear it, for several reasons. For one, the NBC shows so far have been trainwrecks. For two, Grease is the last musical I want to see. It sucks. Former editor Jenni Maier wrote a treatise about its suckiness on this very site a couple of years ago. For three, I just assumed they’d take a cue from NBC and make terrible casting choices.

Well, as it turns out, Fox has already got the rival network beat in that department. They’ve cast Julianne Hough in the role of Sandy, which is pretty solid considering she’s an amazing dancer and has singing experience. Vanessa Hudgens is playing Rizzo, which is meh on the one hand, but on the other hand she did just finish a starring role in Gigi on Broadway, so she knows what a live show is like.

Now the actor who will be playing Danny Zuko has been announced, and he’s a pretty fantastic choice. Drumroll please…

Aaron Tveit.

The Danny For Fox s Grease Live Has Been Cast  And It ll Actually Make You Want To Watch Aaron Tveit gif


Excuse me while I YAAAAAAASSSS. Aaron is best known for playing Enjorlas in the recent film adaptation of Les Miserables, for his work on Broadway in shows like Catch Me If You Can, for his role on USA series Graceland, and for his stint dating Serena on Gossip Girl. Also for being a stone cold fox. So he’s got the looks, the acting experience, the vocal chops, and the swagger for the role. Sure, he’s 31 years old, but the actors in the movie weren’t exactly spring chickens, and I’d rather see someone experienced in the role than watch some clueless young guy who was only chosen for the ratings.

Here’s what Aaron said of his casting:

“Playing Danny Zuko is a dream role and I can’t wait to be a part of all the fun that comes along with performing live on television.”

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but as much as I dislike Grease, I’m excited to tune in when this airs next January. And I mean that in the “I hope this is good!” way, not in the “I hope this is a hilarious disaster!” way, which was definitely the case with NBC’s productions.