18 Former Pop Band Members Who’ve Had Successful Solo Careers

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Okay, hands up: who here has ever felt personally victimized by a musician who left their band to go solo? One Direction fans, I see you. More often than not, the departure of a member spells the beginning of the end of their former band. Nothing’s ever quite the same without the original lineup, and it’s not long before the remaining members go their separate ways too. The Spice Girls, Take That, The Pussycat Dolls… They all met the same upsetting end.

While we really, really wish we could resent these newly solo artists for breaking up a beautiful thing, it’s not always easy. More often than not, their new music actually turns out to be pretty great! Maybe leaving the band was the best thing after all! Some of these breakaway acts become so successful in their own right that you begin to forget they were ever part of a group at all. If you’re looking for a roundup of the best and brightest former band members of recent days, we’ve got you covered.