Former Home Improvement Cutie Taran Noah Smith Arrested For DUI, Drug Possession

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Adding to the pile of evidence that being a child star might not be conducive to the healthiest emotional development, Taran Noah Smith, best known for playing Tim Allen‘s youngest son Mark Taylor on '90s sitcom Home Improvement, was arrested early this morning for driving under the influence and possession of drugs. Ruh-roh.

Via TMZ:

Sources tell us … Smith was behind the wheel of his 1998 silver Honda Accord, which was parked at an angle in front of a fire hydrant when an officer decided to investigate the situation. We're told the officer smelled a “strong odor” of weed and believed Smith was under the influence…We're told they also found a stash of hash … a type of marijuana.

Silly Taran Noah Smith! Don't you know not to park illegally when hot boxing your car? This is clearly a beginner's mistake he made due to being deprived of a proper adolescence, including the part where you learn how to smoke weed without getting arrested and/or scared. Yet another pitfall of child stardom.

Smith has made headlines in the past for his acrimonious split-up from his parents (who, he believed, were stealing his fortune) and his subsequent acrimonious split-up from wife Heidi Van Pelt. But with any luck, he'll be able to spin this into a career comeback of sorts. Next stop: Celebrity Rehab.

(Via TMZ)