Former Child Stars Who Became Successful Actors into Adulthood

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Child stars get a bad rap for going off the deep end of drug addiction and alcoholism ruining their careers. Of course, it totally happens — there is sadly a huge problem in Hollywood when adults start treating kids like grownups, and the pressure and access form self-destructive behaviors. Becoming famous at a young age must be extremely hard to deal with, and in Tinseltown temptation is everywhere. Look at all the problems Lindsay Lohan has endured. But for every Lindsay Lohan, there's a Claire Danes. There's even a Drew Barrymore, who struggled with drug addiciton after her child star years but picked herself back up to reach adult success.

A lot of child actors are able to continue their careers successfully into adulthood. It's true that some, like Drew, may have a few bumps in the road but who doesn't? The following celebrities started out their careers as kids but have now found mainstream success as an adult. It isn't an easy feat but with some stability and talent, it can be done.