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crushable.com is now on twitter! It’s long overdue, but I figured that while I was working on a new design for the site (coming soon), I’d put some graphics together and start up a Twitter account!

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You can find me tweeting at twitter.com/hilarynews. Aside from getting links every time I post something new, I’ll try to keep up a running commentary about what I’m writing about or what I see in the news. I’ll also pass on other links to smaller pieces of Hilary news that I may not otherwise write about.

So, if you’re already on Twitter, come follow me and talk about the latest Duff news! (Though don’t forget to comment on the site too – I love comments!)

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking site. Kind of like Facebook status updates, but on overdrive. Each user has 140 characters to post messages (“tweets”) about what he/she is doing. And other users can “friend” you and reply to your messages.