Florence Welch Still Lives With Her Mom So The Rest Of Us Can Relax

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Maybe it's a old classmate's “my new apartment album,” popping up on your Facebook feed or grabbing for something that fell behind your bed and coming up with your first training bra, but chances are if you're over twenty and still live with your parents you've had at least one moment when you're convinced if you don't move out of your childhood bedroom right this second you'll end up staying there until you're forty-five and your parents stage some kind of Failure to Launch style intervention.

The next time that feeling hits, take solace in the fact Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine is Grammy-nominated, twenty-five, and still living with her mom.

While Florence explains she has wanted to move out but just hasn't found the time, she does admit she likes the familiarity of her old room saying, “When it all gets too much I just go to ground in my bedroom. It’s like a museum. It’s full of clothes that I’ve collected, posters, paintings, postcards. It’s like a living scrapbook.” Scrapbook, time capsule you feel that you've been buried with, something like that.

So while you might think landing your first full-time job is an unavoidable sign you must find your own place, remember that Florence didn't see hitting number one on the UK charts or having one of her songs featured on Glee as move-out mandates. You both have time.