Florence Welch Says Beyoncé is “Incredible”

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Florence Welch of UK band, Florence and the Machines has recently had much praise for the divalicious babe that is Beyoncé. Florence told MTV News that she was lucky enough to see Beyoncé and Jay-Z dancing together at a party that she was at,

She told Laura Whitmore: “I’m a huge fan of Beyonce, she’s incredible. I have never met her but once I was DJing at a party where she was at and I saw her dancing with Jay-Z, and that was pretty cool."


The singer adds, “We were playing and Jay-Z leaned over and went “Yeah!” I was like this is the best moment of my life.”

In other news, former Destiny’s Child member, Michelle Williams says she is not jealous of Beyoncé. Williams told BBC News, “I wouldn’t say I’m envious but I know that I can have number one songs. We all can. Myself, Kelly [Rowland] – she’s got a number one song now with David Guetta [When Love Takes Over]. It’s possible. And what I hate people to do is, they don’t think because I’m not visible over here with the number ones, they think I’m not doing anything or they think I’m not as successful.”

Image: Bauer-Griffin