Remind Me To Start A Fight In A Florence And The Machine Concert So Florence Will Give Me A Hug

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Florence Welch is not messing around, guys. If you come to her concert and start a fight, she will stop mid-song and come into the audience to get you to break it up. I know this because I just watched a video of her doing exactly that at a Florence And The Machine concert in Aberdeen, Scotland on Sunday.

She was just beginning her song ‘Shake It Out' when a fight broke out between a boy and a girl near the front of the crowd. She stopped singing and spoke to them directly, saying:

“I can't have a fight in front of me while I'm singing this song. No fighting allowed!”

The rest of the audience starts applauding in appreciation, but apparently the fight didn't stop, because Florence continued:

I don't know what's happening but I would quite like it to stop. It doesn't matter whose fault it is. Excuse me, all of you, stop it.”

We can't see what's happening in the audience at this point, but I'm thinking that the girl got even more upset that she was interrupting the show and started crying, because Florence said:

“I'm sorry all of you if you're upset…Is she OK? Is she going to be all right? You all right, my love? You okay?”

And I guess she didn't get the answer she wanted, because Florence plopped herself right down off the stage and into the audience. She makes her way over to the girl, overshadowed by an enormous bouncer, and pulls the girl into a huge hug before climbing back onstage and telling her audience to ‘be good to each other'. Oh em gee. I love her. Just try to be mad at her for pausing the show, I dare you. Try to be even irritated at this glorious human being. You won't be able to do it, I promise.

(Image: Carsten Windhorst / WENN.com)