Flavor of Love 3 Finale Videos: Black on the Spot, and as a Pillow

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The Love is almost over for Flava Flav. Monday night, the final episode of Flavor of Love airs. Will he find true love? Check out these sneak peaks at what Flav, Black, Sinceer, and Thing 2 endure to taste the Flavor of Love:

Here, Flav is using his list of questions to find out who is most compatible with him. Check out Flav asking Black to tell him a joke. He really puts her on the spot. I'm not surprised if she wasn't able to spew out a joke, just like that.


Now, on their date in Monaco, Flav needs a bit of shuteye. So, where else would he do this, but in a carriage, on a date, leaning on Black. Nice!

Check out more Flav and Black, after the break…


I guess, sometimes, the human brain does need to shut down, just for a minute –or an hour. Usually, you'd do that after your date.

What do you think? Is Black the one for Flav?