16 of Cisco Ramon’s Best Quotes on The Flash

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Although we never get tired of seeing Barry Allen zoom around Central City to save the day, Cisco Ramon is by far one of the best characters on The Flash. With his adorable charm and wit, he can instantly lighten the mood with his humor and clever pop culture references. However, there's way more to Cisco than his bubbly personality. His extensive technical knowledge, his passion for what he does and his loyalty to Team Flash make him a valued asset and an even better friend. But what we admire most is how he juggles being the goofy, scientific genius with being a badass superhero. In one moment, he's building impressive suits and in the next, he's decked out in fine leather and shades, vibing from one place to the next. Talk about cool!

So in honor of our favorite scientific genius (and of course, the master of cool nicknames), we've rounded up some of his best quotes from the show. Because let's face it – Cisco's hilarious one-liners are the highlight of every episode.