Five Reasons Marilyn Manson And Lana Del Rey Make A Wonderful Couple

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Earlier today, the internet breathed a collective “huh?” at a photo of Lana Del Rey, Marilyn Manson, and Barry Manilow pal-ing around backstage at the Echo Music Awards in Germany. Just a few hours later, a report came out that two of those people were seen sneaking into Manson's hotel together. I might have been mildly surprised had it been the three of them (then again…), but as far as the Manson Del Rey thing goes, it makes perfect sense. Here's why!

1.) They share an interest in fallen starlets and twisted American iconography.

Lana Del Rey's recent album is teeming with references to diamonds, movie stars, Diet Mountain Dew, etc. (Unfortunately, most of them are left as hollow signifiers that don't really go anywhere, but that's an article for another day.) Marilyn Manson named himself Marilyn Manson. ‘Nuff said.

2.) They both have a Lolita fetish.

Manson seems to understand the darkness of such a concept, while LDR just thinks heart-shaped glasses are really cute. Whatevs.

3.) Lana has a thing for tattooed, rock and roll bad boys who are terrible to her.

At least half of her lyrics are about this. Manson has built his whole career on embodying that archetype. HE IS THE LAST GREAT AMERICAN ROCK STAR.

4.) Both simultaneously have huge egos and really, really hate themselves.

See also: Manson's autobiography Long Hard Road Out Of Hell, all of LDR's public statements ever.

5.) Neither one is particularly great at singing.

I can't wait for their collaboration track!

Bonus reason: they will have some very interesting-looking kids.

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