First Look: Henry Cavill Wearing the Superman Suit in ‘Man of Steel’

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Remember yesterday, when we showed you Henry Cavill walking around on-set in his Clark Kent disguise, but there were no images of him in the Superman duds? It looks like Warner Bros. decided to capitalize on the timing and release the first photo of Cavill as his true self: the Man of Steel, wearing that famous suit.

It's great that they released an action shot; it really gives us a feel for the movie. From the looks of it, he might have just stopped a missile or an airplane part from careening into a city… or maybe he's in the secret laboratory belonging to the movie's villain. Surprisingly, it doesn't seem as if Lex Luthor is going to be Superman's foil for this movie. However, Christopher Meloni confirmed that he'll be playing “a general” in the movie — hopefully an evil one?

You know who we really want to see next? Amy Adams as Lois Lane. There's no word on whether she'll dye her hair to match Lois' signature dark mane, or if this time around we'll get a redheaded love interest. Either way, we're excited to see — and we know she'll be a step up from the miserable Kate Bosworth in 2006's Superman Returns.