First look at USA Network’s Royal Pain series, debuting Thursday

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royal-pains-usa-cast A good doctor with a caring heart to help those in need, young E.R. doctor Hank Lawson (Mark Feuerstein, In Her Shoes, What Women Want) is lost when he is wrongly blamed for a patient's death and is blackballed by the New York medical community in USA Network's new series Royal Pains.

The 75-minute limited commercial premiere will air at 10 p.m./9 p.m. CST on Thursday, June 4 on USA Network with following Burn Notice's season three debut. As Hank watches everything he worked for be taken away — including his fiancee who doesn't plan to stick with him through the good and the bad, and his furniture, he is left watching Jerry Springer episodes in his now-empty bachelor pad until his younger brother and accountant Evan (Paulo Costanzo, Road Trip) pulls Hank out of his funk by taking him on a roadtrip to the Hamptons for the opening summer season party.

Crashing a party at a super mansion, Hank's doctoral instincts kick into gear when a guest requires medical attention that only he is able to diagnose. By the next morning, word of the new doctor in town has spread like wildfire and Hank's cell phone won't stop ringing with the next emergency from the rich and elite who want house calls and their names out of the press.

Turns out those with the dough are looking for a new concierge doctor to be at their beck and call for the serious and not-so-serious. Hank is the kind of doctor who could care less whether you are rich or poor – he has a calling to help. But when more people try to convince him he should stay and that the new business would help him with his finances, Hank's defenses start to break down.

It helps that local hospital administrator Jill (Jill Flint, Gossip Girl) catches his eye. She's been dealing with the rich and elite to open a free clinic, something I can definitely see Hank helping to bring to fruition.

And it seems his brother (who wants to stay in the Hamptons for the parties and supermodels) as well as young physician's assistant Divya (Reshma Shetty, 30 Rock) are ready to round out his team. Divya has the Hampton connections and is jumping through hoops so Hank will hire her as his P.A. She has a back story too, that I look forward to seeing.

Another interesting aspect of Royal Pains is that Hank is a doctor mixed with MacGyver's creativity. Forced to work without much equipment, duct tape and plastic baggies can become life-saving tools in his hands.

Guest appearances this season include Campbell Scott (Six Degrees), Tony-Award winner Christine Ebersole (Grey Gardens), Margaret Colin (Gossip Girl) and Andrew McCarthy (Lipstick Jungle).

After watching an advance copy of the first Royal Pains episode, I can see that the show has a lot of potential for storylines. I'm interested to see where Hank's new job will take him and how he's going to fit in helping "everyone" when the rich and elite are constantly going to be knocking at his door.

USA Network Photo: Justin Stephens