13 Male Celebrities With the Worst First Kiss Stories

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Contrary to what most romance movies have taught us to believe, first kisses are not always perfect. Of course, there are rare occasions where you might feel a spark, but generally, they can be super awkward, messy, and oftentimes, downright horrifying. Unfortunately, a lot of us can relate to this experience, whether it was because of bad timing or an awkward technique. But if it makes you feel any better, male celebrities like Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran have had some weird experiences of their own, and their first kiss stories will seriously make you cringe.

Yes, that's right. Even famous stars have had awful first kisses, and some actually had to perform their awkward lip-locks on camera (as if figuring out how to kiss the right way isn't stressful enough). But you know what? While the thought of sharing your first smooch in front of an entire cast and crew sounds terrifying, it doesn't even compare to the poor guys who ended up with, say, a bloody tongue or a mouth full of saliva. Yikes.