“First Class All The Way” Goes Italian; Season 1, Episode 5 [Recap]

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It's a shame that Real Housewives get all the attention and little shows like First Class All The Way end up toiling in obscurity, relegated to their 7pm on a Monday time slot. I'm totally enjoying the reality show about a luxury travel concierge agency, with the high drama of the office and the soothing presence of Sara-Ryan Duffy (check out the interview my colleague Jane Boursaw did with her a few weeks ago!).

We have one more episode left till the season is over and I'm hoping Bravo brings it back. I'm sure they won't and we'll be faced with 10 more years of Date My Ex.

On this episode, Sara and curvy Italian goddess Monica take actor Sam Page and his girlfriend on a romantic trip to the Italian cities of Positano and Capri. The actual trip goes off without much of a hitch, but much of the episode centers around the tension between Sam and his girlfriend, who won't stop complaining about how much time Sam spends working.



I wonder where exactly, she thinks the money for such an expensive trip is coming from? Yes, she could have a boyfriend who had a regular job who came home every night at 5:15 with a suit on, but that dude isn't going to take her to exclusive hotels in the middle of Italy. You'd be slumming it in a hostel with a Lonely Planet like the rest of us.

There isn't much office drama in this episode, which is sad because insane Cindy was turning into my favorite reality villain. The show ends with Cindy beginning to plan a trip to Tuscany for Heroes actor Leonard Roberts.

And as usual, Cindy causes some trouble:

[Image: Alessandro Digaetano, Bravo]