Open Thread: Who Was Your First Celebrity Crush?

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First things first, we're loving these open threads here at Crushable HQ. It's so much fun getting to know you all better. If we could figure out how to get this many comments on every post, we'd die happy. Then come back to life, because between dying and getting to Heaven, you know Justin Bieber would've done something worth writing about. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is we LOVE comments. It's the only way we know what you like and don't like and really, really don't like. So don't hold back. Unless you're racist. In that case, hold it all back. (That also applies to bigots, sexists and people who go out of their way to spell my name incorrectly in the comments after taking the effort to scroll up to the top of the post to find it.)

Second things second, today we're talking about love. More specifically, the first celebrity that you ever loved. I'll go first. His name was (and still is!) Leonardo DiCaprio and I knew he was the one within .03 seconds of seeing his face in Titanic. And the thing about finding the one is that you want everyone else to know right away. So I wallpapered my entire bedroom in his face right after I saw the movie, no YM or Teen People or Seventeen survived my collaging obsession.

Then to really drive the point home I threw a Leo-themed birthday party. And even though the dickwad at Blockbuster convinced my mom not to rent This Boy's Life for a fifth grader's sleepover party, I still left with What's Eating Gilbert Grape and Marvin's Room. Do you wanna know a great way to kill a fun night? Show two incredibly depressing movies to children far too young to understand them. “It's funny because she's getting buried in a piano” I recall saying in an attempt to lighten the mood. (Also in attempt to make sure that my elementary school friend would remember me fondly for introducing them to fat shaming during traumatic movie scenes.)

Eventually my Leo obsession died down and got replaced with Freddie Prinze Jr. But for about two years, we had a really fun time together. And yes, in my head we were both involved in the relationship. It's the only way I can think about it without feeling incredibly uncomfortable with myself.

So now that I've opened up, I need you to share your crush below. GIFs are more than welcome!