In Honor Of Firefly’s 10th Anniversary, Here Are The Best On-Set Videos

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Firefly set photos

On March 5, 2002, Joss Whedon and a crop of mostly unknown actors began filming his new space opera Firefly. That day, a Yahoo fansite postedHi folks! “Firefly” starts filming today, so send Joss, the cast and
crew special *good first day* vibes. However, most people wouldn't know about the show until its premiere in September of that year. Now, it's a decade later.

And when I say “ten years,” I don't mean ten seasons; Firefly didn't make it past one. What I mean is a solid decade of dedicated fandom, the folks who helped bring the show back as the film Serenity in 2005. I'm 23, which means that for almost half of my life, I've been a loyal Browncoat; it's undoubtedly my favorite of all the fandoms I've joined.

To celebrate this auspicious date, I've scrounged up the funniest and most tender on-set videos from a decade ago. From a skinny Nathan Fillion messing everyone up to the legendary gag reel that the producers shared with fans after the wrap party, these remind you that as incredible as Firefly was from a storytelling perspective, it also seemed like a load of fun.

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