I’m So Excited For The Finding Nemo Sequel That I Had To Celebrate With Finding Nemo GIFS

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Did you know that I have to repeat this classic Finding Nemo mantra to myself every single morning when I get to work.

“I am a nice blogger, not a mindless typing machine. If I am to change this image, I must first change myself. Celebrities are friends, not food.”

That's why I'm so excited about this news that a Finding Nemo sequel might be in development at Disney/Pixar. To this day, it's the only animated movie I ever put on my Chanukah wish list. That's how much I loved it. It's a timeless story about growing up and letting go that combines a heartwarming tale about bravery and independence with the adventures of Australian animals. It doesn't get more classic than that.

Deadline reports the following vague, but slightly concrete news about where this movie stands:

I’m told he’s [Andrew Stanton] now officially come aboard the Finding Nemo sequel and has a concept the studio loves. Pixar continues to not be helpful on this, as they don’t comment on development. It’s understandable why Disney and Pixar would be excited by this. Stanton won two Oscars for his animation work on Wall-E and Finding Nemo. That original 2003′s fish tale’s $867.9 million worldwide gross makes it still Pixar’s second-highest-grossing film and the third-biggest Disney animated film release ever.

So it sounds like it's probably happening. Especially because I already know that when they re-release the original film in 3D this September, they'll gain a whole new legion of fans. Fans who weren't even a thought in the womb when the first movie came out in 2003. Yep, 2003. If that number made you feel slightly old, join the club. We meet every Wednesday in room next to the Pen15 club. Address? P. Sherman 42, Wallaby Way, Sydney, Australlia.

In honor of this great development in movie-making history, I thought I would share my favorite Finding Nemo GIFs with you, enjoy!