Censored Finding Nemo Will Make You Laugh Your Fins Off, Also Ruin Your Childhood

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Finding Nemo censored

You know Finding Nemo, right? It's a kids' movie. Sure, there's a lot of stuff in there for adults to enjoy too, which is what makes Disney/Pixar so great, but it's rated G, something that pretty much never happens this century. Well, thanks to The Jake Vale Show, who just last month brought you Frozen (CENSORED!), our favorite computer-animated fishies are now not so innocent. Turns out we should have thrown some soap into the ocean to wash their mouths out.

Finding Nemo (CENSORED!)” does the same thing Jimmy Kimmel's bit “Unnecessary Censorship” does by adding bleeps and pixelation to non-curse-words to make them seem like curse words. In this case it turns the movie into “F***ing Nemo.” I know, I know. Turn back now if you're not prepared for this. I've given you fair warning. The video below will probably ruin your childhood. Even if you weren't a child when Finding Nemo came out, and even if you never even saw Finding Nemo, immediately after watching this video you will have to start planning a funeral for your innocence. Bury it next to your faith in humanity.

But here's the silver lining! It's also a really funny video. For some reason there are few things as hilarious to me as unnecessary censorship. Or necessary censorship, if I'm not expecting it. If a character on a scripted sitcom gets bleeped and contracts a case of Blurry Mouth Syndrome, I'm in stitches. If a little kid says a bad word and it's censored, I lose it. So hearing that little octopus squeak, “Aww, you guys made me [bleeeep]!” or listening to Dory chant “Just keep [bleep]ing, just keep [bleep]ing!” is music to my ears. And yes, my heart is cold, black, and dead, and it's barely detectable in an X-ray. Why do you ask?