Find Great Deals For Traveling This Fall

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Whenever I think of taking a trip, I have to confess that I usually picture myself taking off sometime during the summer or around the Christmas holidays but fall is a great time of year to travel.  Typically, the weather is pretty mild wherever you go which is great for people who want to avoid going someplace that will either be too hot or too cold.  That’s why autumn is my favorite season!

Matt Lauer talked to a travel expert on the Today show who revealed that resorts are currently slashing prices to accommodate travelers this fall which is great given the current economic conditions.

While airfare prices might stay the same (or even go up) but hotels and resorts are offering discount prices.  A couple deals that they mentioned specifically include the Marriott Vacation Club in Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, which is offering great rates on villas and the St. Regis Punta Mita in Mexico (a five-star resort) is offering up to 50% off their mid-week prices.  What a steal!