Video: Do Any Of These Misheard Song Lyrics Look Familiar To You?

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Misheard song lyrics: everybody has them. You know, those lyrics you've been mishearing since childhood until one day, you see someone singing the song in a karaoke bar and go “oooooh, that is not at all what I thought it was.” For me, it was seminal '90s hiphop/R&B group Crystal Waters‘ 1994 hit “100% Pure Love,” which I misheard (or maybe just misremembered) from the age of nine until last week as “100% pure fun.”

But it was okay! My roommates and I all had a good laugh about it, and now “100% pure fun” is our party time catchphrase. Which is all to say, there's nothing to be ashamed of.

In honor of this widespread type of brain fart, the funny people at Pleated Jeans have edited together a delightful video of easy-to-mishear lyrics. I challenge you to ever hear these songs with the correct lyrics again.